Photo series: out walking the dog

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I thought I’d share some of my photos of dogs here. I love photography and taking photos. Well, at least the idea of it; I’m not technical enough to really, really be good at taking photos (yet, hopefully). But I still enjoy taking them.

Anyway, to go back to photos of dogs. If you, like me, just can’t look enough at cute, or funny, or just plain beautiful, dog photos, one of my favourite places to look is Marika S. Bell’s photostream. She takes wonderful dog and cat portraits. There are even some cute photos of Tuhi, here and here and here. But my favourite one of Tuhi is this one. Tuhi must have been about a year old then.

But to get back to my doggie photos. I’ll group them into series. So, the first one is ‘dogs on the road’, doggies I’ve seen and met while on the road.

Puppy on North Stradbroke Island, Australia.

You know when you play and cuddle with a puppy and how their whole body just feels so … puppy, cuddly, can’t keep your hands of it? This gorgeous spaniel something x was just so puppy. I ran into her with her owners almost every day at the beach during my one week holiday on Straddie. Free puppy cuddling for a week. And you should have seen the fun she had running and rolling down sand dunes with kids (and adult kids).


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