Not at all about dogs–but about food and more

August 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve just stumbled across a food blog that my foodie friends would love, I think. And it is so much more than a food blog. It’s like recipes, cook books, literature, art, history … all rolled into one. And in a really good, beautiful way.

It’s called Food Through the Pages, and the post that got me was the one on brewing klava. I so want to try that now, but I’m not sure about making a filter of crushed egg shells. The other recipes also are taken from works of fiction. What an awesome idea.

Food, or certain alcoholic or other drinks, are often so much part of the narrative or characters that it’s maybe not surprising that reading a certain book I suddenly find myself taking something of the book’s culinary world into my everyday life. I still remember reading The Kite Runner, and although never ever having drunk black tea very strong or with sugar, after day 3 of reading the book I just had to make strong black tea with sugar. And then there was that book where I found myself sipping away at an ouzo every evening. (Any ideas which one that was?)

Which books have inspired your cooking, eating and drinking?

One of my favourite places for reading, eating, and drinks.


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