Weekly photo challenge: wrong

August 13, 2012 § 7 Comments

This week’s WordPress.com photo challenge has a serious tone — and a serious photo on the original post. The challenge is to share a photo that means WRONG to us. Well, there are very many things I can think of that are just wrong (like cruelty to animals, violence generally, a lot of current politics, John Key, …), but I’m not sure I would want to show a photo of any of these.

Therefore, here something less serious. We were driving behind this truck somewhere in New South Wales, I can’t remember where exactly. We were on a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney, stopping all places that had taken our fancy, that is beaches, bookshops, and cafés on the roadside. Apparently by driving from Brisbane to Sydney, we did the legendary 900 km Pacific Coast drive. But I didn’t ‘know’ that on our road trip. Probably because I was with my Aussie family — just going from Brisvegas down to Sidders.

But on the road, I did notice this truck. We laughed when I pointed out the blue writing on the nice yellow … but then we went “eeeeew” …

I still think it’s quite a funny, if slightly odd, idea to advertise one’s septic pumpout business. Gotta love the Australian sense of humour. But spot the missing apostrophe. Now there’s something I do find just wrong. Missing possessive apostrophes drive me crazy. There must be a new species of apostrophe-eating goblins out and about, because it’s getting worse and worse. Seriously.

On a New South Wales motorway.


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