Muirlea Rise Pinot

May 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

No, not a wine, but my new puppy. Meet Muirlea Rise Pinot, called “Pinot”. Unplanned. It happened on my induction as a volunteer dog walker at the Wellington SPCA. She looked at me and I thought, “Oh no”. I resisted. Then I took her for a walk … and then I took her home. 4-months old when I adopted her, now 23 weeks. Wonderful black-and-white puppy terror. She had come into the SPCA with her mum and six litter mates. And because they came from the Wairarapa they called each puppy of the litter after a vineyard in the area. There was Julicher, Voss, TK, Murdoch James, Ashwell, and Margrain. They all had been adopted. Only Muirlea Rise was left of the puppies. Muirlea Rise is a boutique vineyard that makes a good Pinot Noir and the name was so out there that I just had to keep it.
By the way, the mum, Alana, is still available for adoption from the SPCA. She is a beautiful and smart collie x.




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