About the blog

Hi everybody,

My name is Angi Buettner. I’m a cultural critic who spends most of her free time volunteering in conservation projects and working with animals, and increasingly with training and learning about dogs.

A little while ago I was dealing with the loss of my first-ever dog. Fin, my beautiful Kelpie, had shared my life in everything for ten years. And during that time, as many with a sick and ageing dog do, I found myself with a new puppy. The experience of nursing my dog through cancer and bringing up the new puppy made me start writing a blog about life with my dogs.

Fin now has passed away, and Tuhi the puppy has turned out to be a puppy with attitude. Spirited and spring-loaded with energy. When she dashed off enthusiastically chasing first butterflies, then seagulls, rats, rabbits, and then planes (all in our first week together), I realised I needed to seriously improve my dog owner and dog training skills. So, running along with my enthusiastic puppy, I’ve ended up getting more and more involved in, and fascinated with, dog training and anything ‘dog’. I’ve become a WOOF, as a friend of mine calls it: a Woman Occasionally/Overly/Outwardly (take your pick) obsessed with Fido. (Thanks, Shelly, for this wonderful, wonderful acronym.)

My life now is always ‘also about dogs’. In my free time I play and work with my dog (mostly in agility) and have begun to volunteer as an assistant instructor in dog training classes (at A.C.E. (All Canine Education) Dog Training), and instruct a dog agility foundation/puppy class (at DAWG-Dog Agility Wellington Group). And I can’t get enough of learning about dog biology, behaviour, and training. My previous blog ‘dogspaws’ was to help work through losing my first dog.

With this new blog now I want to continue learning about dogs, share ideas and discuss philosophies about dog training, create a reference source, keep my friends overseas posted about life with dogs, and just enjoy writing about all things ‘dog’. Hope some of it is fun reading or maybe even useful for other HOOFs: Humans Occasionally/Overly/Outwardly (take your pick) Obsessed with Fido.


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