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I don’t normally reblog, but this is a post that I’d like to be able to re-read without having to hunt it down again.

Paws Abilities

It was clear to anyone watching them that the little dog and his owner loved each other. Despite all her frustration and her ineptitude, the little dog’s owner was trying her very hardest to help him. And despite all of his anxiety and stress, the little dog was trying to work with her.

And they were failing miserably.

They had been failing together for five years. The owner would take her little dog to classes and agility trials and seminars. She went from one trainer to another, collecting a plethora of habits and ideas along the way. A patchwork of training methodologies and theories clung to her. She tried and tried and tried, and her dog tried his hardest too. And they failed, and they failed, and they failed again.

The little dog was on edge all the time. He tried to listen to his handler, worked his heart out…

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Yeah for Kelpies!

July 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Check out this fun, little video from Animal Planet – a clip from the TV series Dogs 101 on Australian Kelpies. It even includes a short note about how important these working dogs have been (and still are, by the way) for the Australian farming industry.

Dogs 101: Australian Kelpie

My Kelpie Fin.

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