The website of Vicki Cordier’s canine hydrotherapy service, based near Wellington, New Zealand. Vicki is wonderful with dogs and a great help for recovery from surgery or injury, and also can support the management of your dog’s arthritis.

A website dedicated to providing education about our relationship with animals and animal behaviour resources. Filled with information and training tips from experts.

The website of the APDT, a professional organization committed to represent and advance the dog training profession through education and advocacy. The APDT developed a much-needed Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility.

This is one cool dog magazine. Patricia McConnell calls it the New Yorker of dog magazines. Good writing, art, and everything about dogs and their humans. If you don’t want to subscribe to the magazine, the blog on the website is a great read, with many useful and practical posts.

An original website/blog hybrid curated and edited by Maria Popova, a hunter-gatherer writer. The site is brimming with ‘pieces’ from science, history, writing, art, ecology, philosophy, everything. A great resource for all things creative.

Page with short video clips from the TV series Dogs 101. They are fun, brief overviews of the most popular dog breeds.

Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman Dunbar’s website about training and behaviour. Articles. Videos. Blogs. Everything dog and dog training.

Hold on to your credit card. The biggest online shop for dog books and DVDs.

This series of dogs underwater, catching their balls, is just so good. The photos make me happy every time I look at them. His other photos are really quite something as well.

A wonderfully useful and inspiring must-go-to site. Full of info, resources, training tips, and stories of animals and people. And, like her books, the website and blog are filled with a beautiful, gentle sense of humour. And go and hang out in The Reading Room. The Reading Room is great!

Nancy Kay, DVM, provides information on how to be a medical advocate for your dog.

This YouTube clip is worth watching for a reality check on the myth that we shouldn’t comfort a scared dog because if we do we only reinforce the fear. Learn to listen when a dog tells you she’s afraid, so that you can work out how to either manage it or how to build her skills for dealing with fearful situations in the long run.

Agility friendly toys (lots of tuggies) and leads and other dog gear, all custom-made and great service. And in Auckland, so nice and ‘local’ for New Zealand agility enthusiasts.


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