Hello Trouble!

June 16, 2013 § 2 Comments

Pinot is trouble. “Hello trouble!”, my neighbour says every time he sees her. “Hello trouble!”, or “Here comes trouble!”; this is one of my new puppy’s nicknames. I remember a Facebook post with a series of photos of catastrophes, earthquakes, floods, and the like. And then a photo of a border collie puppy in amongst the shreds of something now unrecognisable he has shredded. Meticulously shredded.

Pinot, one could say, is a little bit like that. Maybe I should have taken the momentousness of the question ‘Should I get a second dog?’ more seriously. Life was much, much easier with just one dog. And almost every day hears me moaning to the sky, or the earth, or a friend that I know nothing about dogs and training after all and what an idiot I was to fancy I could be a dog trainer. But hey, she’s a puppy. And as a friend of mine says, one of the ugly things we see in a lot of dog training is this intense obsession with control in so much of today’s life. We must control our partner, our children, our dogs, our cats. Puppy must learn controlled sits, downs, and whatever position. Puppy must sit when we say, every time we say so. Even if we say it a hundred times a day, and even if all puppy wants to do is go and explore the world with us.

Pinot is now almost seven months old and full of life. Here is what I have learned about her life in the two months we’ve lived together:

  • Seatbelts must be chewed. Oh the pull on them and the texture; it’s all just pure chewiness.
  • Four paws are for running. You must run, run, run on them, even when they get tangled and you fall over and even when someone somewhere in the distance implores you to come back.
  • Waterbowls really are just dive pools in disguise.
  • Chimneys are going somewhere you haven’t sniffed yet, so you must at least try and climb them. Even if then you and a lot of other things are black.
  • You must let people know you reckon they are a bit of o’right by jumping up on them and grin. Sitting back and looking at them as if to check them out … oh no. You wouldn’t want them to think you think they look funny.
  • Never let go of a tug toy if you can help it.
  • Chicken are cool. Real cool. So cool you just must stare at them. Even touch them, if you can.
  • Holes must be dug big enough to hopefully bury a sheep in it. You never know, you might find a sheep some day.
  • Any dogs that still are there when you wake up in the morning are there for jumping onto and roll around with.
  • If you are happy, just bark. No need to hold back on joy.
Pinot puppet. Aka Little Black-and-White Terror. Aka Muppet. Aka Hello Trouble.

Pinot puppet. Aka Little Black-and-White Terror. Aka Muppet. Aka Hello Trouble.


Muirlea Rise Pinot

May 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

No, not a wine, but my new puppy. Meet Muirlea Rise Pinot, called “Pinot”. Unplanned. It happened on my induction as a volunteer dog walker at the Wellington SPCA. She looked at me and I thought, “Oh no”. I resisted. Then I took her for a walk … and then I took her home. 4-months old when I adopted her, now 23 weeks. Wonderful black-and-white puppy terror. She had come into the SPCA with her mum and six litter mates. And because they came from the Wairarapa they called each puppy of the litter after a vineyard in the area. There was Julicher, Voss, TK, Murdoch James, Ashwell, and Margrain. They all had been adopted. Only Muirlea Rise was left of the puppies. Muirlea Rise is a boutique vineyard that makes a good Pinot Noir and the name was so out there that I just had to keep it.
By the way, the mum, Alana, is still available for adoption from the SPCA. She is a beautiful and smart collie x.


Only a staffie can grin like this

September 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

This is Buster, a 4-month-old staffie pup. He joined in playing with our dogs in Murchison Park.

Photo series: out walking the dog

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I thought I’d share some of my photos of dogs here. I love photography and taking photos. Well, at least the idea of it; I’m not technical enough to really, really be good at taking photos (yet, hopefully). But I still enjoy taking them.

Anyway, to go back to photos of dogs. If you, like me, just can’t look enough at cute, or funny, or just plain beautiful, dog photos, one of my favourite places to look is Marika S. Bell’s photostream. She takes wonderful dog and cat portraits. There are even some cute photos of Tuhi, here and here and here. But my favourite one of Tuhi is this one. Tuhi must have been about a year old then.

But to get back to my doggie photos. I’ll group them into series. So, the first one is ‘dogs on the road’, doggies I’ve seen and met while on the road.

Puppy on North Stradbroke Island, Australia.

You know when you play and cuddle with a puppy and how their whole body just feels so … puppy, cuddly, can’t keep your hands of it? This gorgeous spaniel something x was just so puppy. I ran into her with her owners almost every day at the beach during my one week holiday on Straddie. Free puppy cuddling for a week. And you should have seen the fun she had running and rolling down sand dunes with kids (and adult kids).

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