The pack

The four and two-legged friends hanging out together …

Fin (2002-2012)

Kelpie. One-in-a-million dog who lived for tennis balls. A strong spirit and gentle soul in the form of a little black-and-tan dog.



Collie x huntaway. Once-in-a-lifetime dog and 100% ratbag, but officially a Canine Good Citizen dog. Tuhi lives for running. She hardly ever has all four paws on the ground.



Heading dog x beardie. Unplanned puppy. The result of my SPCA volunteer induction.I walked in and she was like “S’cuse me, I’m your new dog”. Turns out to be my storybook dog.



Human. Writer of this blog. Angi lives for running, too, but doesn’t run as elegantly, or effortlessly, as Tuhi.


… hang on, there are more

Bill & Misty

Bill is friend and dog sitter extraordinaire … and apparently a good pillow for a dog’s head.
Misty is a ridgeback x and Tuhi’s best friend. Tuhi stays with Bill and Misty when I’m at work.



Scruff, now Dougal. Bearded Collie. Rescued from death row in the pound, with the help of Anna from the Animal Rescue Network New Zealand in Taumarunui and the CDLs in Wellington. I fostered him until he found his forever home. He looks like Wookie from Star Wars, and is one of the most wonderful dogs ever.



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